What is Self-talk?
Self talk is just what its name suggests - - - those inner messages that you give to yourself. Some of the messages you give yourself are positive, such as, "Wow, great job." Or "My hair looks good today!" And some of your self-talk is negative, such as, "I am such a dummy." "I am a real loser!" 

What is the power of self-talk?
Your self-talk has a very powerful impact on you. Positive talk gives you confidence, soothes your fears and helps you to get motivated. Negative self-talk depletes you of your inner strength and your movement toward growth, filling  you with fear and anger causing you to become depressed.  

Where does your self-talk come from?
Much of your self-talk comes from your past history - - - messages you heard from important people in your family as well as attitudes you absorbed as you were growing up. Your self-talk is also influenced by your basic personality.  Both your environment and your genetic make-up influence what you are saying to yourself. 

How does your self-talk affect your relationships?
What you think of yourself affects how you react to others. If you have good self-esteem you are more open and less sensitive to others. You are able to work through issues more objectively, because you are not taking everything so personally. The more positive your self-talk is the more your self-esteem grows. 

What can you do about it?                     
Stop your negative self-talk and expand your positive self-messages . This can make a huge difference in your personal life as well as your relationships.  I would like to come along side you to coach you toward positive self-messages, healthy self-esteem and strong relationships.

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