Five Tips for Revitalizing 
Your Marriage

1)  Spend quality time each day with your partner - - - listening, laughing, looking into their eyes, treasuring them.

2)  Tell them often why you appreciate them. Hearing these words from you will make a difference to your partner.

3)  Do little acts of service - - - pampering them a bit, helping to do the things they want done.

4)  Surprise them with a gift, a card, or a special treat each week! 

5)  Express your love often in a physical way - - - a tender touch, a hand squeeze, a soft kiss.

Do one of these tips everyday.  

Listening is a beautiful way to love.

Forgiving is necessary  
for keeping
your relationships vital.  

Let me help you with your relationships. 

Your marriage

Your children

Your parents

Your siblings

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