Help with your relationships
Need help with handling conflict in your relationship? Do you know how to really listen?  Are your needs being met?  Through my marriage guidance techniques, I will help you with new skills and understanding that will enhance your relationships and bring you joy as you learn to connect. Every relationship is unique. Find the unique solution for yours.

Help with change and transitions
Facing a new challenge? Grieving a loss?  Is your life falling apart? Not feeling good about yourself? I will provide a safe place for expressing your feelings and thoughts. I will walk with you, helping you explore the options and guiding you to new ways to cope.

Help with depression 
Have you lost hope? Are you low on energy? Do you feel sad much of the time? Is your self-esteem at an all time low? These are all symptoms of depression. I will come along side you helping you face and conquer the depression you are experiencing. Together we will identify and change the negative messages you give yourself.

Help with anxiety
Worry, fear, anxiety can be so energy sapping, sometimes controlling your life. I will help you examine the thought processes that are plaguing you, giving you tools to overcome them. Life's too short to stay stuck!

A safe place to share
As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I use my professional marriage family counseling skills as I work with clients. At the same time, I encourage growth and healing. through listening to my clients.   I am always careful to respect each individual's need to express him or herself freely and openly, knowing that each person is at a different place in his or her journey. Being honest, open and transparent is for growth. 

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About Susan Garland 

MS in Counseling 
     CSU Fullerton 1987    

Psy.D. Clinical Psychology 
     CCU 2005

Licensed as MFT 1990
     MFT #27180

Christian Counseling Center     Huntington Beach 11 yrs

Private Practice 
     Fountain Valley 11 yrs

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